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Kallbeständig PUR-spiralkabel
Kallbeständig PUR-spiralkabel
Kallbeständig PUR-spiralkabel

Kallbeständig PUR-spiralkabel

Grundläggande information

    Modell nr: CPC 093


PUR Spiral Cable use in telephone cords, USB cord, connection flexible part and medical equipment. Replace for extended length cord. Give you more fine working in the office or home and the PUR or PU jacket construction retains spring and durability despite repeated pulling or stretching.

Pur Coil Cable

Conductor: Above 99.99% High purity copper wires
Rating: 80 deg C, 300 Vac, Cable flame.
Conductor Size:   36~16AWG
Conductor Quantity:   2 ~ 50 cores
Insulation Material:   PVC, PP, HDPE, TPE, XLPE
Screen Shield:   Optional
Jacket Material:   Polyurethane PUR
Average thickness:   0.38mm (Ref.)
Minimum thickness:   0.30mm (Ref.)
Dimensions: Detailed coiled dimensions are to be customized per customer's requirement.
Executed Standard:   Appliance Wiring Material UL758.
Application:   Internal wiring or external interconnection of appliances or electronic equipment

Produktkategorier : Kabelmonteringar > Medicinska kabeldragningar

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